Google Algorithm Updates...

Google Algorithm & Search Appearance Updates

Here are the recent Google updates that have impacted local businesses.
  • New map and local interface in search (Dec 2021).
  • Listing updates can be made directly in search (Dec 2021).
  • New Google Business Profile attributes (Feb 2021).
  • Google News Showcase (Feb 2022).

Tip #1: Do Your Research

Make sure your business information is correct and accurate. Conduct a local SEO audit.
During your audit, you’ll want to check for:

1. Data accuracy.
Your phone number, address, and pin on the map should be correct.
2. Optimized local landing pages.
Make sure the webpage your visitors click on is helpful to their needs and location.
3. Relevant citations.
Make sure you get citations from:
  • Search engines.
  • Navigation engines.
  • Industry directories.
  • Localized directories.
  • Sites that get traffic.
4. Well-managed reputation.
Reviews are essential, so be sure to ask customers to leave reviews and add photos to Google maps when possible.

Tip #2: Create A Comprehensive Google Business Profile

Aside from utilizing every available field in Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), you can:
  • Incorporate language from reviews into actual product & service descriptions to think more like your customers.
  • Have your best customers ask the questions that live in the questions & answers that show up in the search results.
  • Upload pictures and videos related to your business.

Tip #3: Establish A Robust Review Management System

The power of word of mouth cannot be understated in today’s day and age.
9 out of 10 consumers read reviews before they buy a product.
Make it easy for customers to leave reviews, and then listen to positive and negative reviews.

Tip #4: Create Comprehensive Content

It’s crucial to have content for every possible search method that someone might use to find your products or services.

Don’t just think about what your customers are searching for and how they are searching.

On the organic side of a local search, ensure that you appear below the maps for more of those longer tail queries.

Tip #5: Use Links & Citations

Local businesses can get links and citations by getting neighbors and the community involved.
You may need creativity and a little leg work here, but it’s excellent for PR and gives rich results through the event schema.

Tip #6: Increase Activity

Help show the search engines that your business is active, live, real, and that people are searching for you and coming to your location.
● Optimize every available field in the GBP. ● Use Google Maps when traveling to work. ● Take photos. ● Utilize the Google Image Recognition algorithm.

Original article: SEJ